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Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring offers a unique look and feel to your home,  be it with new solid wood or reclaimed parquet flooring or with engineered

parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring can be laid in whatever style you wish including herringbone, basket weave, brick pattern

We can supply and install parquet flooring with a rustic, country or prime grade appearance.  It can be either a solid wood parquet or an engineered parquet block with a solid wood top layer.


Installation process

When we first take a look at the floor we will discuss with you the existing floor and if any preparation work is required prior to installing your parquet flooring

  • If it is a wooden sub-floor it will need a plywood layer installed over the top to ensure the floor is level
  • If it has a concrete sub-floor then it needs to be level to 3mm within 2m and also whether a paint on DPM is required

Followed by the fitting of a parquet floor

Fitting of a parquet block floor is generally done in the following way.

  • The parquet blocks are delivered to your home and allowed to acclimatise for a minimum of 14 days (solid wood parquet only), this acclimatisation time may vary depending on individual conditions
  • A week before parquet is to be installed, if any sub-floor preparation work is to be done, such as a paint on DPM is to be applied or a self-levelling latex needs to be applied, this will be done to ensure it is thoroughly dry ready for the parquet to be installed. Or the installation of the plywood over the existing wooden flooring can be installed
  • On the first day of installation the centre of the room is found and the first line of blocks, often called the ‘header line’ is installed and allowed to fully dry.
  • Once the header line has been installed the parquet blocks are then installed over the remaining floor, often this is called the ‘field’.
  • Around the perimeter of the floor the 2 block border is marked out and cut to ensure a straight fit for the blocks that are then installed

Once the blocks have been installed and the adhesive has dried, the floor is then sanded and sealed using a water based lacquer from Bona or other manufacturers such as Junckers, Marldon, Blanchon, Osmo

  • The floor is sanded with varying grades of paper ranging from 40grit up to 120grit to give a nice fine finish.
  • The machines we use have built in dust collectors to keep the dust down, however we also use additional dust extraction units that remove up to 99% of all the dust produced
  • Edging sanders are used on the edges and the corners are ground out.
  • If repairs are required, these will be done prior to the sanding of the floor
  • We then apply one base coat and two top coats of either a Junckers or Bona water based floor lacquer


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