Parquet floor installation

Supply and installation or installation of client supplied parquet flooring. Solid wood or engineered parquet flooring installed in Birmingham and the West Midlands.
Solid wood parquet can be new or reclaimed and once installed sanded and sealed with a waterbased floor lacquer, oil or wax finish

Double Herringbone Parquet floor – Rowney Green, Worcestershire

Our client requested a double herringbone prime grade oak floor to be installed to the lounge.

The floor first had a Bona R410 epoxy DPM installed over the screed sub-floor.  The 230mm prime grade oak parquet blocks were then installed using Bona R848 adhesive, with the header line being installed first.  Once this was installed the rest of the 230mm parquet blocks where installed in a double herringbone pattern.

The borders were then cut and the border blocks were installed.  The floor ...

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Parquet floor, Burbage, Leicestershire

Our client requested 350mm prime grade oak parquet flooring for a number of downstairs rooms.  The blocks were installed to the existing concrete sub-floor flowing from room to room with no door bars or thresholds required. A 2 block border was installed around the perimeter of the rooms and the skirting was installed once the floor had been fully installed so it would hide the required expansion gap to leave a clean over all look


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