City of Birmingham Orchestra (CBSO) – Birmingham, West Midlands

Existing oak flooring at the City of Birmingham Orchestra needed to be restored, with a couple of small repairs. 2 studios needed to be completed first to allow for use later in the week, with the main hall to be completed last. The main hall had some repairs to be undertaken before the floor could be sanded back to bare and then sanded to a fine finish using 40grit to 120grit sanding belts. Once the floor had been thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed the floor had Bona Prime and 3 coats of Bona Traffic HD floor lacquer applied   I would like to say thank you to Niki Longhurst and the CBSO for allowing us to use their time lapse video of the works taking place in the main hall This is the link to the CBSO Home page The video can also be viewed on our Facebook and Twitter pages